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Welcome to Glitteringstones.com, this is an amazing site for those who are studying gemology. A gem or gemstone is also called precious or semi precious stones which is a small piece of precious mineral that is polished and then used in making jewellery such as necklaces,bracelets and rings. However some rocks like lapis-lazuli and organic materials like jet and amber are not minerals, but they are also used in jewelry, and therefore they are also considered as gemstones.

Most gemstones are rock hard but there are some soft minerals that are used in jewelry due to their shine and other physical properties as they have aesthetic values. A gemologist uses the chemical composition to identify a gemstone. For example, diamonds and rubies are made of carbon and aluminium oxide respectively. Those gems in the form of crystals are classified by their crystallite system such as monoclinic, trigonal and cubic. Another phrase used is the "habit" , the form the gem is habitually found in. For instance diamonds have cubic crystal systems that are often found as octahedrons.

Our Gems Library offers extensive information about gemstone collections. And for the students of gemology can make use of Precious Stones and Semi-precious Stones section, it will help you identify and study in detail about these precious glittering stones! If you are interested in jewellery design then the Gems Jewellery section will tell you A to Z on how stones are used in jewels.Generally Gemstones are described and differentiated by gemologists by certain technical terms. First, what is it made of, its masterpiece. In general Gemstone is sandstone, rock or petrifies material that it could be cut and refined which is collectible or it can be used in jewellery( More )


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