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Trend Of Custom Silicone Bracelets

Ever since Lance Armstrong used the ‘Live Strong’ cancer support bracelets, customized wristbands gained huge popularity and successfully used to collect funds and also draw public attention to noble causes. The commercial world also took notice of this development and businesses started effectively using customized bracelets for sales campaigns.

Customized bracelets are usually produced using very light and yet sturdy components like plastic, neoprene and predominantly silicone. Some wristbands are also created with other materials like papers, faux leather, cloth etc.  People develop a sense of pride when wearing bracelets and bracelets have more or less becomes fashion statements.

Since gemstone based jewels cost high, event organizers started following suit and found customized bracelets a convenient tool to conduct trade shows, sports meet, church activities, music concerts etc.

Glitter Silicone Wristbands

The customized bracelets, carrying catchy ad lines about the forthcoming event, are worn close to the wrist and easily noticeable by all. Customized bracelets can be conveniently used to cover different aspects of an event – publicizing the event, general admission at the entrance, special admission pass for select guests, access and restrictions, employee identity etc.

100% Silicone Product Seller

You will find in the market 100% silicone bracelets which are long-lasting than mere rubber wristbands. Every manufacturer will promise that they produce only silicone products. But they will amaze you with poor quality while the production. So before you purchase for wristbands, first know the popularity of the manufacturer. is one such manufacturer who produces only 100% silicone products. So you can be tension-free on allergenic issues. They do have the no-minimums and free shipping facilities. Visit them to start designing yours.

You can also add extra features like glow in the dark, glitters and much more to make your wristbands stand unique.



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COLOR ZONING - Tiger stripes or Zebra stripes

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