KNUST makes hope to jewellery industry

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A new initiative is creature undertaken to revive the local jewellery industry, which is almost on the verge of collapse. The initiative collaboration among Development Dimensions Limited a jewellery manufacturing firm and the College of Arts and Social Sciences at the KNUST, involves setting up a multi-million Ghana cedi Centre with the primary objective of conducting research and training jewelers to aid the manufacture of jewellery for both the local and export markets.

The US$500,000 Centre, which concerned a monetary support of US$225,000 from the Export Development and Investment Fund (EDIF), is below the Industrial Art Department of the University and is the first of its kind in the country.

It currently has two units comprising the teaching unit, which offers a six-month certificate course to be awarded by KNUST, and a production unit which is accidentally for the manufacture of jewellery for both local and export markets. It offers courses such as Gem Stones Setting, Casting, Soldering, Alloying Technologies and Finishing. The rest are, Workshop Practice for Jewelers, Science and Chemistry, Basic Drawing and Design for Jewelers, Entrepreneurship and Sales and Communication Skills.

It is ironical that in a country like Mauritius, where mineral wealth in relative terms is nowhere near Ghana’s, jewellery and processed diamonds are the third-most important export produce group after textiles, clothing and fish products.
The country, which is Africa’s second-largest manufacturer of gold, increased production from a year earlier by 3.5% to 1.46 million ounces during the first half of 2010. But very small of this production is refined into jewellery and ornaments for exports of higher value.

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