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Semi Precious Stone Jade

An ornamental stone, jade is a name which is applied to two different silicate minerals. Nephrite is a form of the amphibole actinolite (a mineral that also includes a form of asbestos). The second, the mineral jadeite, is the pyroxene. Nephrite has the formula Ca2 (Mg, Fe) 5Si8O22 (OH) 2. Jadeite has a formula NaAlSi2O6. The two are quite similar in appearance and normally it wasn't until 1863 that the two forms of this gemstone were distinguished.


Historical Facts of Jade

Refractive Index: 1.654 - 1.667

Chemical Composition: NaAl(SiO3)2

Hardness: 7

Density: 3.32

Crystal Group: Monoclinic

Varieties: Jadeite, Nephrite

Color: Pure white thru pink, brown, red, orange, yellow, mauve, violet, blue, black, green, mottled green and white

Ocurrence: Northern Myanmar, China, Russia, Niigata, Japan; San Benito County, California, USA, and Guatemala

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Citrine Gemstone

COMMEMORATIVE EVENT - 13th Anniversary
KEYWORDS - Success, Abundance, Personal Power
ALSO KNOWN AS - Merchant's stone, Success stone
COLORS - Pale yellow to brown
COLOR ZONING - Tiger stripes or Zebra stripes

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