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Semi Precious Stone Meteorite Necklace

Meteorite NecklaceWhen a meteorite enters the Earth's atmosphere, the friction raises the outside temperature above its melting point. As the meteorite descends, it slows down, and also the heat from friction decreases resulting in a skinny layer of dark glass. The surface on some meteorites could develop low pits during the entry procedure and these pits resemble thumb prints and are usually known as regmaglypts. Imagine bread cash that has been kneaded which foliage finger imprints in the dough ball.

Healing ability: Frequently solid, dull, mottled, and brownish to black. Non-iron varieties amplify thoughts/telepathic sending/getting, greater awareness, some connection to extraterrestrial life. Some consider that since Meteorites are in tune with the energies of the cosmos and so more capable of raising our energies to a universal level. Others believe that that as they have no connection to Earth, Meteorites could in no way influence our lives. Perhaps a sensible way to move toward this stone is to try and tune into its energy on an instinctive level and decide whether or not it will play a good role in your life.



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