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All diamonds are very good electrical insulators except normal blue diamonds which are semiconductors. Because of the burly bonding within the molecules diamonds are also good conductors of heat. Specially purified artificial diamonds have the uppermost thermal conductivity (20-30 W/cm K, five times more than copper) of any recognized solid at room temperature. Natural blue diamonds hold boron atoms that put back carbon atoms in the crystal matrix, and also have high thermal conductance.

Healing ability: Diamond is a great support for all brain diseases. It is advantageous in stomach area. Diamonds make stronger the owner's memory.

Mystical power: Diamonds give faith, purity, life, joy, innocence and regret. They assist in rising concentration and in being straight-forward and honest. It is supposed the diamond loses its brilliance with the health of the wearer, regaining it only when the owner recovers.

Diamond is an cure to poison and is capable of detecting poison by exhibiting a damp or perspiration on its surface. Supposedly, the higher quality the diamond, the better it supports these qualities



Citrine Gemstone

COMMEMORATIVE EVENT - 13th Anniversary
KEYWORDS - Success, Abundance, Personal Power
ALSO KNOWN AS - Merchant's stone, Success stone
COLORS - Pale yellow to brown
COLOR ZONING - Tiger stripes or Zebra stripes

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