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Diamond Cuts, Shapes And Its Types

Round Cut

Round brilliant cut is a diamond cut in a particular form with numerous facets to have special brilliancy. It is the most popular and most researched diamond shape available and it gives flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color and clarity grades while still getting the fire and brilliance.

Princess Cut

Next to round brilliant cut, Princess cut is the second popular cut shape for diamonds. The shape of princess cut is square or rectangular and is similar to that of inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. The princess cut is also referred to as a square modified brilliant.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds have rectangular shapes with cut corners. Due to the large open table, the emerald cut shape highlights the clarity of a diamond. Emerald cut diamond varies greatly in their rectangular.

Asscher Cut

The asscher cut diamonds was developed by Asscher brothers of Holland in the year 1902. It is a stepped square cut and it is often referred as square emerald cut. Like an emerald cut, even the asschers has cropped corners. It is nearly identical to emerald cut, except that it is square.

Marquise Cut

The shape of marquise diamond maximizes the carat weight and has an elongated shape with pointed ends supposedly inspired by the smile of marquise de pompadour. The brilliant cut diamonds looks beautiful with round or pear shaped side stones and the length of the marquise makes the fingers appear long and slender.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds has a beautiful brilliance that is similar to round diamond cut. It is very popular as their length can accentuate long, slender fingers. It is created and introduced by Lazare Kaplan way back in 1960’s.

Pear Cut

Pear shaped diamonds are known as teardrop shape and it is a hybrid between marquise cut and round brilliant diamonds. It is a popular diamond style for pendants and teardrop earrings. Usually, it has 58 facets and the unique look of pear shape makes it a popular choice for variety of diamond jewelry.

Radiant Cut

Radiant cut combines the elegant shape of the emerald cut with the brilliance of the round. Radiant cut diamonds varies in the degree of rectangularity and they have square or rectangular shape. It has 70 facets to maximize the effect of its color refraction.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is a antique style of diamond cut that is popular for more than a century. It also known as pillow cut diamonds with rounded corners and larger facets to increase the brilliance. The larger facets highlights the diamond clarity and it is available in shapes ranging from square to rectangular.

Heart Cut

Heart cut diamonds is a pear shaped diamond with cleft at the top. Heart diamonds are ultimate symbol of love and it makes a distinctive choice or a variety of diamond jewelry.


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